CSN Service Offerings
CSN’s IT investments can be categorized according to the services it provides. A comprehensive inventory of CSN’s services and all associated investments is maintained to enable ongoing evaluation of strategic alignment, budgetary limitations, resource needs, and value provided. As new services are needed, existing services are revaluated to ensure that redundant or outdated services and assets are identified and addressed. (DMA) (CC)

CSN Service Offerings:

  • Data Management and Analytics
    • Implement, administer and support University and State College data repositories. Provide report development support and access to data information. Support includes application access and security, training, documentation, testing, etc.  

      DMA Services
      • Reporting and Data Analytics Support – Report analysis, design and creation.             
      • Data Warehousing Infrastructure and Support - Develop and support views and tables.  Includes data normalization, transformation, and validation.          
      • Database Administration Services - Provides database support and administration services hosted on CSN database servers, such as tuning, security and versioning.   
      • Data Management - Provides storage, backup and recovery procedures for data hosted on CSN systems.   
  • Communication and Collaboration
    • Provide and/or facilitate provision of collaboration and communication systems, such as email, instant messaging, conferencing and content management.  Support includes application access and security, training, documentation, testing, etc.        

      CC Services
      • E-mail and Calendaring - Provides enterprise-scale email messaging and calendaring services and support.      
      • Collaboration Tools - Centrally-accessible, web-based application for displaying, storing, viewing, searching and/or sending information, messages, files, data or documents between people and thus facilitate the sharing of information.        
      • Video Conferencing - Provide audio and visual equipment and software to enable multiple participant remote meeting.     
      • Mobile Communications Support - Provide functional and technical support for mobile communications enabling collaboration capabilities.
  • Enterprise Information Systems
    • Implement, administer and support University System wide and Nebraska State College System wide enterprise administrative applications.  Support includes application access and security, training, documentation, testing, etc.   

      EIS Services
      • SAP Enterprise System - Maintenance and application support for components of the SAP system, to include the portal (Firefly).         
      • NeSIS Student Information System - Maintenance and application support for components of the student information system, to include the portal and mobile interface.        
      • Production Scheduling – Schedule batch production jobs.
  • Hardware and Software Support
    • Provide procurement, deployment, administration and end-user support for software, servers, storage, operating systems, and Central Administration desktop PCs. Support includes application access and security, training, documentation, testing, etc    

      HSS Services
      • Desktop Support - Procurement, configuration, installation and support of desktop hardware and peripherals.       
      • Software Support - Software procurement, installation and management to include license verification and compliance.               
      • Server and Operating System Support - Provides server administration, installation and support, and operating system support of enterprise, virtual, mid-range, power, Intel servers and storage systems.              
      • Data Center Facilities Management and Security – Evaluation, planning and coordination of data center-related infrastructure, maintenance and security, including systems monitoring and environment control, access, and space configuration (to include procurement and support of production printing).
  • Internet and Network Connectivity
    • Design, deploy, administer and support University-wide network infrastructure and external wide-area network infrastructure and connectivity. Support includes application access and security, training, documentation, testing, etc.        

      INC Services
      • Network Access and Security – Allocation of IP addresses, management of domain name services (DNS), and provision of VPN and Firewall services.         
      • Network Engineering - Design, set up, test, and evaluate, as well as model, analyze, plan and install of network hardware, software, and media. Provision of internet and Internet2 access.               
      • Network Operations Center and Network Management - Provides on-site 24 x 7 monitoring, service support (issue resolution, troubleshooting, problem resolution, and reporting) of network services. Includes the documentation of circuit IDs, network contacts, vendor information, IP addressing, and SLAs.           
  • IT Governance and Service Management
    • Provide management oversight of University system-wide IT services, policies and procedures. Manage IT expenditures and vendor contracts.  Manage overall end-user service and support processes. Ensure adequate risk management considerations are identified and planned for.             

      ITGSM Services
      Customer Facing Services                           

      • Customer Service Management - Provide incident management, problem resolution and service request management for all CSN systems and services.         
      • IT Policy Development and Compliance - Develop CSN specific (and contribute to the development of University-wide) IT related policies/procedures to ensure good stewardship and compliance.  Verify and validate quality and effectiveness of University-wide IT controls to support the overall business control objectives and adhere to regulatory guidelines.           

      Internal Facing Management Activities                
      Organizational Management

      • Strategic Planning - Systematic process of envisioning a desired future, and translating this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them.
      • IT Portfolio Management - Systematic management of IT investments. Implements processes for the selection, prioritization and monitoring of projects and other investments at CSN
      • Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning - This service supports business continuity management functions by ensuring that CSN services can be recovered in the event of a major business disruption within required timescales.  
      • IT Financial Management - Management of CSN’s financial resources, including budget development, accounting procedures, investment decisions, tracking actual vs budgeted results, etc.
      • IT Human Resource Management - Provides recruitment/selection/on-boarding of employees, compensation evaluations, performance and time management, professional development planning, employee benefits consultation, and development and implementation of standards and procedures.
      • Asset Management - Reviews, recommends and approves UNCSN IT hardware, software and services purchases. Provides identification, tracking and control information about CSN computing and infrastructure assets.

      Service Support Management

      • Quality Management - Monitoring and management of the quality of services of key performance indicators. Provide reports, information and oversight that identify how well services are delivered and whether they are meeting agreed targets and goals.
      • Configuration Management / Change Control Management - Establish and maintain consistency of system's/product's performance and its functional and physical attributes with requirements, design and operational information throughout its life. Includes software and hardware configuration management.
      • Project Management - Utilizing a standard methodology, plans and manages projects for CSN. It also includes coaching/mentoring, planning assistance and training/consulting for CSN.
  • Output Management
      • Provide the collection, online archiving and secure distribution of reports and form design. Support includes application access and security, training, documentation, testing, etc.          

        OM Services
        • Report Archiving – Archiving of reports primarily from CSN supported production processes.             
        • Report Distribution - Distribution of reports, including hardcopy (printing) and electronic output, and online viewing capability from CSN supported production processes, to include management of campus located ERP printers.      
        • Form Design – Design forms for distribution of information primarily from CSN supported production processes.       
  • Security and Identity Management
    • Administer and support solutions that manage and provide identity and secure access to University systems, including network, applications, and data resources. Support includes training, documentation, testing, etc.       

      SIM Services
      • Identity Management - This service provides the creating and managing (provisioning and deprovisioning) single sign-on authentication, authorization, and session management for CSN systems and web applications. It allows applications to authenticate and authorize users in a consistent fashion and without maintaining application specific repositories for this purpose.            
      • Security Services - This service provides an information security program of policies and practices which includes system monitoring, security incident investigations and security education.
  • Web Development and Support
    • Design, develop and support all University system website domains and web applications, to include application access and security.  Facilitate and manage content creation, control, editing and archiving for websites and applications.    

      WDS Services
      • Website Design, Development and Support - Create, design and support websites, to include testing, web analytics, and troubleshooting.         
      • Web Application Design, Development and Support - Create, design and support internal and third party web applications.              
      • Web Content Management - Facilitate and manage content control, editing and archiving for websites and applications.              
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